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Advantages of Pallet Safety Gates

Pallet safety gates are essential if you wish to maintain a safe working environment for your employees within your warehouse or factory. They prevent employees from falling off exposed edges on your upper levels or mezzanine floors when loading and unloading pallets.

Our pallet gates are designed with the customers needs in mind. What type of product you store on your upper levels or mezzanine floor will dictate the size of the pallet safety gate you will require.

for example: if you are storing food products like maize or cereal or even cold drink which is packed onto a standard 1200×1200 pallet, your pallet safety gate would need to be something close to 1600wide x 2200 high to account for the swing. Where as if you were storing longer products for example umbrellas or door frames on pallets of 1600×2000 you would need a pallet safety gate of around 1800wide x 2200 with an off set to extend it beyond its own height when laid flat.

Our team have worked on our design, perfecting it in order to ensure an exceptional manufacturing lead time.


If you are interested in pallet safety gates or any other warehouse equipment such as mezzanine flooring walkways and fire escapes, contact us today

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