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Alpine Metal Tech receives Innovation Award for fully automated deburring of castings

Alpine Metal Tech awarded 2nd place in the  Upper Austrian State Prize for Innovation for their project “ADoC – Automated Deburring of Castings”


ADoC – Automated Deburring of Castings is a fully automated deburring system for all kinds of castings.  such as motor blocks, light alloy wheels or pumps and transmission housings. A burr is formed during the , the position of which varies depending on the process. Through the combination of a high-precision laser measuring system and a robot with a rigid spindle and a milling cutter, Alpine Metal Tech is able to compensate the position, variance and distortion individually for each single casting. Thus ensuring a consistent quality throughout the casting production process. The exact deburring contours are recalculated for every component.  The robot path is adjusted accordingly


Up to now, deburring has been inefficient involving expensive, repetitive manual steps..This can now be completely avoided. The ADoC process provides consistent results, more thorough burr removal and lower running costs by eliminating the need for rework. The usual procedures are associated with high dust and fine particle contamination or the use of corrosive substances. With ADoC – Automated Deburring of Castings – innovation, this can be completely eliminated.


Special attention was given to simple operation and automated teach-in (using 3D models) of the different products and their processing contours.


The use of ADoC enables the fully automatic measurement and processing of a variety of different products. Allowing  the customer to collect data to make further adjustments in his production and derive conclusions about his products.


This is the 27th year of The Upper Austrian State Prize for Innovation. A selected jury chose companies with innovative solutions in various categories. Alpine Metal Tech being one of them.


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