AMT technology successfully commissioned at JSW Steel

Two new continuous slab casters equipped with a total of 16 Alpine Metal Tech machines, in Dolvi, India, will produce 4.5 million tons of slabs in the future.

With a total of 16 steel machines, both the plant manufacturer Primetals and one of India’s leading private steel producers, JSW Steel, rely on the proven technologies of Alpine Metal Tech. The two twin-strand continuous casting lines were successfully commissioned at the end of last year and are equipped with the following AMT machines:

  • 4 NUMTEC shroud manipulators
  • 4 GEGA torch cutting machines
  • 4 NUMTEC deburring machines
  • 4 NUMTEC hot-spray marking machines

Together, the new lines have a production capacity of 4.5 million tons of slabs, which can be expanded to 6 million tons per year. Slabs with a thickness of 220 to 260 millimeters and widths of 900 to 1650 millimeters are casted.

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